Get to Know Me

Hi! Thank you so much for coming to my site! I am so excited to share my easy and accessible recipes with you. My passion for food started in high school when I started to experiment in the kitchen. I had seen my mother, tías, and grandparents cook plenty of times; watched countless Food Network shows, and decided I could cook too. I had many trial and errors and my parents where very patient and supportive of my “creations”.

My love for food and need for $$ led me to the restaurant industry at the start of my college career in 2007. I started as a host and over the years worked my way through the restaurant; food running, serving, being part of the training team (training new staff as well as management in my respective department), service professional (manager, no title) and eventually trying out what the corporate life would feel like; working for a major restaurant chain. I eventually realized that the regular 9 to 5 wasn’t for me and I think the universe and God knew it wasn’t either because I ended up getting laid off in 2014. I went back to serving for several years for the same company. In March of 2017 I decided I really needed a change of pace and left my comfy restaurant home of almost 10 years to figure out what I needed to and wanted to do. I transitioned into working for my husband and brother-in-law (and myself, really! haha!) at our own restaurant in Orange County, California. It took some courage and a lot of faith to walk away from a stable income and a somewhat predictable schedule, but now having been away for almost 3 months I realize I am so much happier. Income down, quality of life, up. Had I not walked away I would never have started this blog or realized how much I enjoy creating it and the content that goes in it. We have owned the restaurant since November of 2015 and are doing great! I truly enjoy being able to work for something that is my future.

Now, with about 13 years of cooking under my belt and 10 years in the restaurant industry, I still love to experiment and come up with yummy, healthier (sometimes 😉), accessible recipes. I love dabbling in Mexican, Latin, Mediterranean, and comfort foods. I hope that you find my recipes easy to understand, simple to prepare, and in the end overall beautiful plates.