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No Sugar Added: The Scratch Room

I am a HUGE fan of breakfast. I love pretty much everything about breakfast and it’s probably because with breakfast… there are no rules. You can have soft pillow-y eggs studded with a sharp tangy cheddar cheese, crisp mouth watering slightly smokey bacon, hash browns that are brûlée-esque as you attempt to crack through their browned exterior shell, unapologetically buttered and browned toast cut into neat triangles, and always the option to have dessert at breakfast. I’m talking about griddled French toast, cavernous Belgian waffles reminiscent of the grand canyon, or fluffy home-style pancakes. All with the option, of course, to top with fruit, syrup, whipped cream, or all three! Or for that matter any dream concoction your heart could desire.

I love that anything could be breakfast… if you just throw an egg on it. Leftover chicken enchiladas?? Throw a fried egg on it and feel your mouth starting to water. Fried chicken? Place it next to a waffle and see the happy union of bird and bread under maple syrup come to fruition. Have some leftover bits and bobs of veggies, ham, etc? Just throw it in a skillet, whip eggs up, and bake it for a bit and you have a frittata. It’s just TOO PERFECT. I am also a fan of breakfast at anytime. 8 am, dinner, late night dining- I’ll have the “Moons Over Mi-hammy”, please.

Needless to say I am always down to try a new breakfast place. I always am super nervous because I want to like any new place so much, I want to find a new spot that makes me excited to go, and like any new place I feel like I need to see that they can do the basics well enough that I trust them, to try their version of Eggs Benny. That is my ultimate test, if you’re hollandaise is amazing, you have my heart.

The hubs had been eyeing this place on Yelp for quite some time now and we had never gotten around to going there. It was one of those “out of sight, out of mind” things and when we wanted breakfast, we wanted it “now” and didn’t have time to think of new places to go, so we just went to our old standbys. Well one week we made it a plan to make our way over to this new place that is gaining quite the following called The Scratch Room. I am assuming that it is called that because everything is made from scratch. They state that they make their own “loafs” of sweet breads, like banana, zucchini, etc.

The Scratch Room in Anaheim, Ca is tucked away in a tiny shopping center and does not look like much from the outside. if not for the tremendous Yelp reviews, you probably wouldn’t think to go in here if you were just passing by… in fact I could mistake it for a pool hall, given the name. When you walk in, the room is painted dark but it’s nothing but bright inside from all of the natural light streaming in and the rumble of guests chatting over their coffees and breakfast plates. With plenty of options on the menu, from  breakfast skillets and omelettes to breakfast burgers and “south of the border” plates, I settled on the “Hungry Man” breakfast. I figured if I really want to like this place, I might as well try their “best of” collection ( when I see these kinds of options on menus I think of them almost as sampler platters). The “Hungry Man” consisted of 3 eggs, bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes, and a short stack of pancakes, french toast, or for a $1 more- a waffle. The hubs decided on the corned beef hash and eggs. The coffee was flavorful and  strong, they provided creamer on the table, and when I asked for just some half and half, they quickly obliged. The food came up in a reasonable amount of time and it did not disappoint. Generous portions on both of our plates, made us feel like we were definitely getting our money’s worth. Their prices were similar to other breakfast spots in the area, but their portions kicked other places butts. All the food was executed adequately and was quite delicious. I ordered my eggs scrambled and they came out perfectly cooked, just under seasoned. Although- I think most places do this on purpose because each person likes their eggs seasoned a particular amount. The ham had been griddled and just started to caramelized, the bacon was thick and crispy, with a little bit of smoke, and the sausage was flavorful and perfectly cooked and not at all greasy. In fact I normally do not order breakfast sausage because it tends to be too greasy and leaves your mouth coated, but this was just plump and juicy. I opted for breakfast potatoes instead of hash browns and let me tell you, I am glad I did. I ordered them extra crispy and they were perfection! Airy and light on the inside and crunchy golden brown bits of heaven on the outside. I was one happy girl, especially when I didn’t even have to ask them for my  normal accoutrements of tapatío and ketchup. They refilled our coffees promptly as more of a “warm up” or as my tías would say “no más de calientar”, than as a true bottom-of-the-cup refill. The only downfall was the waffle. The actual taste of it was delicious. It had strong vanilla flavors and wasn’t too sweet, and when topped with thick and rich maple syrup was just heaven. The texture is where it left me wanting more. It was slightly soggy, and not in the “I left it sitting there too long” kind of way, but in the… “I came out like this” way. I could tell as soon as it hit the table that it was not cooked enough or that the ratio of the batter was off. It was a little soft and soggy as if there was too much liquid in their batter.

Other than that, I think this place did really well. The service was nice and attentive but not impeding. All of the food was delicious with just the few exceptions of the under seasoned eggs (which I fixed with a couple shakes of hot sauce and salt) and the soggy waffle, which lets be honest still tasted great, and I definitely threw in the toaster oven the next day and thoroughly enjoyed. I also spied around the dining room and saw some hopeful promises, like what looked like fresh squeezed OJ and the Huevos Rancheros.

I think you can tell where I’m going with this. I’m looking forward to visiting again, I’ll probably bring my little brother and challenge him to a “Hungry Man” eat off… he’ll probably win, he’s a senior in high school this coming year, but I’ll have fun trying… and trying different scratch made creations.

Out of 5 Golden Spoons I award:

Golden Spoons 4

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