On The Side

Charred and Tangy Elote and Pepper Salad

So it’s Friday afternoon and the weather is perfect for eating al fresco. You had a long and hard week and after preparing your main course, you’re excited to finally sit down and eat and then it hits you “ahhh fuuuhhh man I forgot to make a side” you think to yourself.

Don’t you worry girl. I got you.

Introducing my “Charred and Tangy Elote and Pepper Salad”. Hello, nice to meet you.

This is a healthier riff on the delicious street corn all of us socal-ers know and love. The one with bursting yellow kernels peppered with bits of char from the grill, slathered top to bottom with a bit of mayonnaise, and then generously sprinkled with cheese and chili powder? Oh yeah, don’t act like you haven’t had one before and didn’t love it. Have no shame in your elote game. Also if you haven’t figured it out by now elote is corn.

This recipe comes together in the flash of a barbecue flame and is just as delicious as it’s mayonnaise laden street corn cousin.

Don’t believe me try it. It’ll be your next go-to.

You’re welcome.



2 cups defrosted charred frozen corn (I get mine @ Trader Joe’s)

1 red bell pepper

2 teaspoons tajin

salt and pepper

juice of 1 lime

about 1/2 cup cotija or queso fresco cheese (optional)

Make it!

In a medium mixing bowl defrost the corn before hand at room temperature or use the microwave at 50% power for about 2 minutes. While the corn is defrosting take the bell pepper and lightly char it all over, over an open flame. I literally just turn a burner on (only do this if you have a gas stove) and hold the pepper over the flame with a pair of kitchen tongs, sometimes I even set it down on the trivets above the burner and let it char on one side and turn it when it is ready. We are only lightly charring it because we do not want the pepper to become to cooked and lose it’s structure. If you do not have a gas burning stove this can be done on a barbecue or under the broiler in your oven (watch it like a hawk cause it can burn quickly, if you use this method). Once the pepper is finished let it cool until you can handle it and cut it into small pieces, not too much bigger than the corn. Add in the tajín, salt & pepper to taste, and lime juice. Mix it all up. Lastly add in the cheese, as much or as little as you want. Next devour.


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