Sip · Sweet Tooth

Nutella Mocha

It’s been early June gloom here in socal for about the past week and today has really got me in a funk. This weather leaves me wanting to just eat bake treats all day and sip on something warm and snuggle my puppies. Although the weather leaves little room for motivation to get shit stuff done, it did leave me with the opportunity to make this gloomy weather treat I’ve been wanting to make for a couple months. It’s rich and slightly sweet, bold and little bit nutty and I LOVE IT! 

Make a pot for yourself you and your favorite person of the moment to sip on while snuggled in a blanket watching a movie or relaxing with a book. Ahhhh so picturesque. 


1 cup milk

2 cups strong coffee

3 heaping tablespoons Nutella 

Whipped cream, optional

Cinnamon, optional

Make it!

In a small sauce pot heat the coffee and milk until hot, make sure to stir every couple of minutes or so, so that a film does not form on the top or the milk starts to stick and burn on the bottom. Add the Nutella and gently stir until it dissolves. Divide into 2 cups and top with whipped cream, and a light dusting of cinnamon. 



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