Smart Start

Power Breakfast Wrap

Bowl, cereal, milk. Splash, crunch, sllluuurppp. Bowl, yogurt, fruit, granola. Plop, chop, crunch, sllooppp. The rhetoric of our breakfasts can become quite routine. I mean, I get it… we have so much to do with so little time before we run out the door to our jobs, meetings, lives, that it’s hard to try and think of something inventive for breakfast. Heck, forget about inventive, it’s hard in general to want to get up and make the perfect pancakes and wonderful waffles with whipped cream clouds on top that you crave. The luscious hollandaise perfectly poised upon poached eggs can make your morning so exquisitely perfect, but AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT… on a Monday through Friday morning.

I find myself settling on my monotonous breakfast just like every single one of you. My go to is 2% Greek yogurt, topped with seasonal fruit, dry roasted unsalted almonds, and either chia seeds or if I happen to have some in the house low sugar ancient grain granola. Of course, this is all accompanied by my big ol’ cuppa’ “joe”. A standard and wonderful go to- but nothing compared to Eggs Benny, my favorite.

I like the idea of meal prepping, but to be honest it just doesn’t fit my life style at the moment. I’m down for the idea of eggs in a muffin tin prepped for the week, but I get bored very fast and would rather have made them fresh and be able to change up the ingredients. Also, the hubs isn’t too fond of reheating eggs so I’m left to devour the dozen by myself.

So I came up with this. A wonderful and fast Power Breakfast wrap that doesn’t leave you wanting and will keep you full and satisfied until snack or lunch. It’s filled with protein, good fats, and whole grain carbs.


1 whole grain tortilla

handful of spinach

1/4 of avocado

harissa (optional or use a different salsa or hot sauce)

2 eggs

shredded cheddar cheese (optional)

1 slice of pre cooked bacon

Make IT!

In a non stick pan spray a little olive oil and start to pre heat it.  Add the handful of spinach and cook it until fully wilted, set aside on a plate when finished. In a separate bowl crack the eggs and scramble the whites and the yolks together adding a little salt and pepper , Pour into the preheated pan and let it cook without touching it. You want the end product to be a flat circle (as if you’re making an omelette). Once the bottom has set, if you’re feeling gutsy, you can try a flip by shaking the egg loose from the pan and in one swift motion, vigorously shake the pan and shake the egg up and out and back into the pan. If you aren’t feeling up to that, just place a lid or cover on top of the pan and let it steam cook the top of the egg. In the mean time heat the tortilla, spread the avocado mixture on top, and then a layer of harissa, then add the spinach in a light layer all over the tortilla (we are wanting a thin even layer of all ingredients over the tortilla). Next apply the egg layer, add some cheese if you’d like and place the bacon right in the center. Last step is to roll this sucker! Carefully take one end and roll it as tight as possible without crushing the ingredients are pushing them out. Next, devour!!



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