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Food Network Find

Often I find myself looking for new recipe inspiration by browsing Food Network magazine, shows, and even there website. I came across this recipe and just HAD to show you it. Earlier this year I made the movie version or ratatouille… you know the really pretty one that was so artfully stacked with layers of tender veggies by the cute little mouse character? The one I made was simple and delicious and did exactly what I wanted… heated my house up when I was FREEZING my ass booty off and gave me something warm to put in my tummy. Now that Summer is just around the corner and here in SoCal you get just as many hot days as you do cool in Spring, it’s time to start taking many of our favorite indoor recipes to “the great outdoors”. That’s right, I’m talking about making this dish grill friendly. For such a simple dish, I love the idea of adding just a little bit of char or smoke imparted by the grill to give it just a nod of seasonality. It’s not something that will completely take over the dish and turn it into something that it’s not, but just give it a little head nod as if it were to say “hey Summer, I see you”.

The other thing I find so attractive about this kind of dish is it’s versatility. You can eat it as a main, I often found myself frying an egg over the top of it and eating it for breakfast with a luscious runny yolk, evocative of hollandaise. Eating ratatouille as a side or as an appetizer is even easier than that; just serve it straight from the pan or bowl next to your kabobs or grill some slices of baguette and pile it high on top like a mixed summer veggie bruschetta.

Any way you slice and dice it, sounds like Ratatouille should be your next BBQ or dinner side dish. You can find me waiting in line for seconds… or thirds.

Find Food Networks version here: Grilled Ratatouille .



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2 thoughts on “Food Network Find

    1. I think so too! I just loved this recipe so much! I think Chopped has to be my favorite FN show for fun but also watching for techniques. Do you watch FN or have a favorite show on there?


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