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Swift & Light Spring Dinner

Do you ever fall into the “I need to make something for dinner, but don’t want to just make the same old thing or just put something on the plate”category? I know I do!  I eat with my eyes and love to see beautiful things set in front of me. I also sometimes just want to get something on the plate, ASAP. This is the point where we need to start looking at the ingredients in our fridge differently than we normally would. Instead of serving the frozen fish as fish sticks or with rice, try it on a salad. I know, not ground breaking but with small details on fast home made condiments, this takes frozen fish from boring and bland to impressive and zesty!
For my light lunch or dinner I baked TJ’s Panko crusted tilapia in the oven at 425*F for 20-22 minutes. While it cooked I washed and chopped up lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and baby heirloom tomatoes. What gives this the zesty zing?!? A little home made condiment called  gremolata. Gremolata is a wonderful easy to make condiment that brings a punch of flavor that’s fresh, spicy, and citrus forward. To make it just small chop parsley (1 bunch), raw garlic (1 large clove), and lemon zest (2 lemons zested). It adds a wonderful bright and “zippines” to this dish. As a dressing, I drizzle some flavored olive oil, and so that the lemon flavor is throughout the dish, lemon juice. 

It is light, easy, and FAST! Ooohhhh and since you ate fairly healthy you can indulge in a hot fudge sundae with the works piece of dark chocolate or some froyo!

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