Lunch in Paris

Love Affair with Recipe Books

Nowadays you can find books on just about any topic from scuba diving and couch surfing around the globe to work out books and deep sea fishing to romance novels that make you weep uncontrollably through your bottle glass of wine. Equally as saturated if not more is how much content there is on the internet. You have your fair share of choices as sources of information.

So I pose the question, what draws you to each source? Is it the carefully curated stock of photos they have on their feed? Is it the detail the author painstakingly puts into every juicy descriptive verb? Is it the color, style, and texture of a paper?

Personally, I have never been a person that absorbs information (actual information I need to learn for online classes, etc.) from a screen. I have always been an “in my hand” kind of girl. I learn the best and feel most knowledgeable about a product when I can see it and touch it and feel it and make it with my own two hands. Everything else, inspiration wise, can be from social media, a TV show, to even just the weather outside.

One of my favorite things to do, which I don’t do too often, is to go to a book store with a cup of coffee or tea and just browse. I love the smell of books, I love the way a book feels in my hand, I love the idea that some incredible knowledge could be dropped on you from just simply starting a book. It’s such a source information!

Currently I have about 20 cookbooks (and my fav Food Network magazine subscription!), or as I like to call them, recipe books. I like to call them recipe books because I am not merely just cooking from them… in fact I almost never use a single recipe from a book. I LOVE to use them as a source of inspiration for my own recipes, from their pictures and stories they tell to possibly just a reference on how much baking soda they use in their chocolate chip cookie recipe ( my favorite, of course!). I think so many recipe books, are so much more than just instructions destined to make a meal, but a story written with recipes, to give you a glimpse at the author and their experiences. It’s a recipe to help weave your very own recipes for a girls night, a loved ones birthday, or maybe a romantic dinner for two.

I know what you are thinking… Cass… what does this have to do with cooking? Oh so much my friend! See on one of my fun trips to the book store I went in not looking for a recipe book but for a Word Press “how to” book, so I could start a blog. Of course my feet wandered over the short carpet to the food section and I was a goner when I happened to stumble over the book Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes by: Elizabeth Bard.

I’ve been reading this book for a couple weeks now (I am a leisurely reader and come and go as I please) and LET ME TELL YOU… it is a wonder how I have not gained 10 LB’S by now. Not only is this story a romantic tale of a guy and a gal in the “City of Light” but it has all the recipes that mark their momentous occasions included, like their first date, the first time they had …uh…, when they moved in together. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil anymore of the story for you (partly because I don’t want to be a spoiler and partly because I haven’t finished it yet! Haha!). Aside from the romantic story, I happen to love all of the recipes I am seeing. They are based out of French recipes, but are made more approachable, broken down and simple, just my style!

I am hoping to take you on this journey with me and make some of the recipes as I go! Perhaps, you’ll read the book and post some recipes for me to see to?? I hope so!

You can get the book in store or on amazon (← click here) for pretty cheap, especially if you have the Amazon Prime membership!

I hope to update you soon on our two lovers, Gwendal and Elizabeth, and the recipes woven in the momentous events of their lives very soon!


*This was NOT a paid or affiliate post and is my pure opinion.

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