Sweet Tooth

Easy Butter Cake

This was my first time cooking with a toddler, whhheeeewwww, what an experience!! She had me chuckling the entire time. My friend Lo had asked me over to teach her to make butter cake. Having never made this before, I wanted to try and make it an accessible recipe for busy guys and gals like you and me; but also what I really wanted more was to show you guys that it’s okay to go in to it and not know how it’s going to turn out, it’s okay to mess up or have the cakes overflow out the pan (spoiler alert!!). After researching many recipes, I decided what would make sense would be to spruce up a box mix, given my goal in mind. And I promise you, just because it isn’t 100% from scratch doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste just as good. Believe me it is fan fuuu— tastic!! Try it out as a indulgent date night dessert topped with vanilla ice cream and berries or as a Mother’s Day treat with fluffy white whipped cream. I hope you enjoy the video and the recipe!!



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