Sweet Tooth

Mango Chili {N} ice Cream



Hola!!! Como estas? Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!

I hope I’m taking you back to high school Spanish class with my light but festive banter. 😉

The day has finally come to chow down on some simply delicious food and refreshing drinks. I, unfortunately, will be working tonight and unable to enjoy a delicious cheesy combo plate, or sweet and spicy al pastor tacos, or creamy and tangy guacamole… so promise me take a shot of Cazadores and stuff yo’ face for me, ok? Tell me, what are your favorite Mexican foods and drinks? Make sure to go to a place with good vibes, good conversations, and some awesome live music… oh how I’ll miss the mariachi cries tonight, aahhhhhaaaaahhhhiiii!!!

If you happen to be going to a fiesta at someones casa, be a good guest and offer to bring something delicious, like my Ancho Chili Churros or this recipe right here for my Mango Chili {N}ice Cream. What I love about BOTH of these recipes is that they take about 30 minutes or less to make, and yet they make a big WOW statement to guests when you roll up to a fiesta with them.

What makes the Mango Chili {N}ice Cream “{N}ice” is because it really isn’t bad for you. It does have a lot of sugar but they are all natural sugars from fruit and if you choose to add it, a little agave and vodka. I know it’s basically a tequila based holiday but tequila has a taste to it and vodka has virtually no flavor, so I opted for the liquor that would let the sweet tropical mango shine through. Feel free to substitute plain vodka for pineapple or mango if you have it… it will just AMP UP the flavor even more, but plain will do the job just fine. Why add the vodka you ask? I say “why not?”… well actually most straight liquors don’t freeze when you put them in the freezer, so this helps the {N}ice Cream from getting too icy. To make it creamy I add a little Greek yogurt and before you know it, you’re downing this stuff straight out of the carton!

Keep you’re panchos on and have a safe and fun Cinco de drinko!

P.S.: You can get all of these ingredients at Trader Joe’s, score GOOAAALLL!! Except the tajín… but if we are really friends, you already have that in your pantry… that and tapatío.

Mango Chili {N}ice Cream Serves: 4-6 people


1 frozen banana, cut into slices

1 1/2 cups frozen mango, cut into cubes

1/2 cup frozen pineapple, cut into cubes

1/2 cup Greek yogurt


juice of 1 lime

1 shot of vodka (optional)

1 Tblspn agave syrup (optional)

Kitchen Ware:


food processor or blender

gallon size ziploc bag

large storage container (to put in freezer)

Hacerlo! (Make it!)

In a food processor combine the banana, mango, pineapple, lime juice, and vodka (if not using vodka, add a little water or extra lime juice to get the processor moving). Blend mixture until creamy, scraping down the sides and moving chunks around as needed. Obviously, turn the food processor off before sticking the spatula in. Next add the Greek yogurt and agave and mix until combined and completely creamy (no chunks!).

Take the {N}ice Cream mixture and put it in the storage container. Place the container in the Gallon bag and push all the air out before sealing. This helps keep it from getting icy. Place in the freezer for 1 to 2 hours for soft serve consistency.

When serving, place in a beautiful dish and sprinkle with the tajín to your liking.

Me espero que te gustaria el helado! (I hope you like the ice cream!)

Buen Provecho!





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